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AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript Technology and XML)

Saturday, July 30th, 2005

AJAX, the new breed of dynamic web applications is emerging pretty fast. Though AJAX is not new but has recently gained popularity due to inclusion of support for the “XMLHttpRequest” object by browsers across all the platforms. It is XMLHttpRequest Java Script object that does all the tricks.

In Ajax model, a HTML page makes asynchronous call to server to fetch data in XML format which then is used by Java Script DOM object to modify the page as per the liking. Some of the usefulness that can be seen straight away which is driving people crazy are

  • Server side form validation even before the user submit the data
  • Freedom from Page refresh
  • Easy implementation using nothing more than the current web standards, providing vast flexibility
  • Auto completion of data

If this makes us think that Ajax is the future web interface design development approach, have a look at the following drawbacks:

  • Book marking a page using Ajax is a problem
  • Not all the browsers support and it is not part of Java Script technology standardization
  • Java script cross browser compliance issues
  • And of course it does increase traffic to server

So the question arise, whether to go for AJAX or not?????

Start Blogging….

Saturday, July 30th, 2005

Was trying to start my blog for a pretty long time and finally I am blogging….

My blog will speak about developments in Portals and Content Management Space and I hope to keep posting my comments on regular basis.

Recently have been exploring AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript Technology), the new breed of dynamic web applications and soon will be posting my comments.

Happy Blogging :)