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Now its Oracle Portlet Factory

Friday, September 30th, 2005

Oracle recently announced the ‘Oracle Portlet Factory’ development tool to help organizations to build composite applications that handle data from various enterprise business applications like SAP AG, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel and Oracle E-Business Suite applications. For example, Oracle Factory includes SAP adapter, along with drag and drop functional components, and integrated portlet development environment that will enhance building portlets from SAP application. Portlet Factory uses technology licensed from Bowstreet, a leading provider of portal-based tools and solutions.
Market is growing up with Portlet Factory tools with Bowstreet as the prime player. IBM has its own RAD tool which is pretty powerful. There is another similar RAD tool to be launched soon.

Oracle Unveils Portlet Factory

Oracle Portlet Factory to Enable SOA-Based Portlet Development

Oracle’s hot-pluggable middleware

Wednesday, September 28th, 2005

Oracle in their recent Oracle OpenWorld announced ‘hot-pluggable’ middleware architecture that will help Oracle applications to work within competitors portal and vice versa as long as they follow standards. Oracle middleware is architected as a suite of products which include Oracle’s portal, identity management, business integration, business intelligence, management products, developer tools, and directory.

Check out more details at

Oracle’s Pluggable Middleware

Oracle offers ‘hot-pluggable’ middleware

Googlize Google

Monday, September 26th, 2005

Now you can personalize Google’s Search engine page by placing your own Google style logo. Just enter the text that you require and your personalized Google Search will be ready to use. Check this out


Good news for Indian Job hunters, check out Bixee site that offers search across various Job portals like Naukri, TimesJobs, JobAhead, JobStreet, Monster India etc. Though it does not have any formal tie up with these job portals as of now but soon they are planning to have one. Apart from Job search it also provides Interview Questions Search and Resumes Search.

Google with Blog Search

Monday, September 19th, 2005

Google has recently released beta version of its long-awaited blog search, two years after it acquired the popular Blogger technology and blog service. It is first of the three search engine giants to launch such service. Search results include all the blogs, not just the once published through Blogger. Blogger search is supported in 35 languages supporting advance features like options to specify titles, authors, languages and more.
Google always exceed individuals expectation when it comes out with something new but this time it looks that it has failed since there are reports that it ignores most of the TechWhack blogs and the ones that are indexed are too slowly updated. It index blogs even if the blog instructs it to ignore with meta tags in a file called robots.txt. For example, searching Google’s blog search for notbbc lists 52 results, despite the presence in the blog of a robots.txt file telling the search bots to ignore all content. Also since Blog Search indexes blogs by their site feeds, it will only include items that have been posted since it started indexing a given blog that will be around June 2005.

Google Style Search Interface

Blogger Style Search Interface

Can Microsoft outspace Google?

Friday, September 16th, 2005

Microsoft recently launched “Atlas” which is Microsoft’¬ís framework for AJAX-style web application development. Google has mastered the Ajax style of Web application development with most of its applications like Gmail, Google Suggest, Google Maps built using Ajax framework. And now Microsoft with ASP.NET Atlas (AJAX) Framework is all set to create waves in the market. Microsoft aims to ease most of the heavy manual code-lifting with its Atlas tool tied to the Visual Studio suite. This new development model, frequently referred to as Web 2.0, relies on modern Web standards and the wide adoption of broadband to facilitate almost instantaneous communication between a client and server.
Also as part of its new “Web platform” strategy, Microsoft is also planning to expose APIs for MSN Search using SOAP which Google and Yahoo has done long back.

Microsoft has largely ignored the Web as an emerging platform for application development with fears that it could obsolete Windows but now I think they too have realized the importance of Rich Web Applications and I am sure sooner we are going to see a revolution in Web Application space.

Sun Portal Server and Fatwire Spark pCM

Thursday, September 15th, 2005

Sun Microsystem and Fatwire Software announced an agreement to provide unlimited licenses use of FatWire Spark Portal Content Management (pCM) to all the new and existing Sun Java System Portal Server customers. This include Sun Java(TM) Enterprise System (Java ES) and Sun Java Application Platform Suite subscribers. This will help customers to access range of functions from within Java System Portal Server portlets, including:

  • Content Creation & Management which will allow business users to create and manage content from within the portal interface
  • Content Delivery which includes four pre-built reference portlets for content display and provides developer interfaces and documentation for rapidly building additional portlets
  • Administration that helps administrators manage asset types and publishing processes

Fatwire is able to successfully manage its own Spark CMS product even after acquiring divine Content Management system and now looking forward to grow its product in collaboration with Sun. But we need to wait and see how it affects Fatwire CMS.

ElektroPost .Net CMS Adds Skype Integration

Monday, September 12th, 2005

ElectroPost has announced integration of Skype with their .Net Content Management System. The idea is to transfer the web chats into Skype text messages. EpiServer will act as a proxy between the web chat and the Skype user, and will also include the ability to log all chat conversations for future reference and record keeping.

The other day I was reading a post from Apoorv Emergence of Collaborative Portals . This is one of the hint of changing Portals and Content Management trend towards Collaboration.

FileNet Introduce Web Content Manager 3.0

Friday, September 9th, 2005

FileNet, a leading Enterprise Content and Business Process Management solution provider announced the release of Web Content Manager 3.0 (WCM). WCM is part of the FileNet P8 Web Content Management suite. WCM provide capabilities to enable non-technical business users to design, create, review,manage, and publish Web content while still providing Webmasters the capability to effectively administer multiple Web sites. Some of the enhancements that are introduced with the new release are:

  • Integration with FileNet’s Business Process Management capabilities
  • Support for clustering for improved scalability
  • New FileNet P8 integrated user interface providing
    • Versioning and revision of content at object level
    • Easy-to-use content entry templates
    • Intuitive, easy-to-use content entry templates

I have not worked with FileNet but like to hear about FileNet and its capabilities.

Other news this week

JDBC 4 draft JSR 221 is currently in early review. JDBC 4 is a major new release with a strong focus on ease-of-use and programmer productivity. The new JDBC version also introduces support for SQL 2003 data types, including SQL’s native XML type. Read more at Upcoming Features in JDBC 4

Magnolia, announced release of Magnolia 2.1 Enterprise Content Management System. Magnolia is the leading Open source ECMS which is built on Java Content Repository StandardJSR 170, supporting level 1&2. It supports several JSR-170 compliant repository implementations, including the Open Source implementations Jackrabbit and Jeiceira.
Read more about the enhancements at JSR 170-based Magnolia Enterprise CMS 2.1 released.

Plumtree getting ready to launch major new version

Monday, September 5th, 2005

As Plumtree gets ready for its merger with BEA, it is all set to go ahead with its plan to launch new major Plumtree Portal software version 6.0. Though not much information is shared with respect to what’s new in the upcoming release the news is that it will include Plumtree’s broadest support to date for different system configurations.

Also, BEA has hinted that it will continue developing Plumtree’s software as an independent product line, and all Plumtree’s communications with customers so far indicate that product support won’t be interrupted.

Plumtree, though has been doing good but lately strugged in market against the other giants which often sell portal software as an add-on to customers buying from their broader software stacks.

The release is planned at its user conference next month.