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Integrated Product Offering for Global Resource Collaboration

Wednesday, November 9th, 2005 and FatWire Software announced a combined product offering that eliminates barriers to cooperation between global resources. FatWire Software’s premier content management application, Content Server, and’s Globalization Management System, GlobalLink, are both established as industry leading solutions in their own right. The seamless integration of these two products provides a collaboration-based solution for localizing global content into multiple languages. Users can identify from within Content Server interface which assets need to be sent out for localization and keep track of the progress of previously localized assets to facilitate updates and revisions. Assets requiring localization are automatically extracted from Content Server and routed to the appropriate user for localization. Upon completion of localization tasks, GlobalLink reinserts the asset into the appropriate place in Content Server.

Looking at the solution it is going to lay down benefits like

  • Increase volume of multi-lingual content with their existing resources
  • Content for multiple markets can be created and released simultaneously
  • A global organization’s local market teams can have control over their content while maintaining consistent global branding