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Fatwire announces Content Server 6.3

Friday, December 2nd, 2005

Fatwire recently announced the release of Fatwire Content Server 6.3 and Fatwire Analytics which is the latest addition to Fatwire CS product family along with CS Direct, Direct Advantage, CS Engage etc. The new release features:

  • Insite Templating that will help business users to play around with content components or better known as pagelets. They can add, remove, resize and relocate content. This gives a feeling of drag and drop of “pagelets” within a web page as like portlets within a portal.
  • Increased Portal Integration with adding support for IBM’s Websphere Portal and provide out-of-the-box portlets.
  • Added additional platform support including Solaris 10 and Oracle Application server.

Fatwire Analytics, which is latest module to Fatwire family, is build over the existing capabilities of Content Server. It now help users to view data of site visitors demographics, and usage patterns, content usage, and campaign success and allow non-technical users to change the layout and design of content etc.

I have been with this product from its earlier days when it use to be FutureTense. Though it has changed hands many times from FutureTense –> OpenMarket –> divine and now Fatwire over few years but engineering team behind this product always tried to keep the product upto market standards. Its one of the best in breeds of CMS sytems out in market with support across various Application servers and Databases and highly customizable.