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Portal ‘Themes’ Contest

Tuesday, January 24th, 2006

There have been quite a few inititatives like POST, portletswap etc. to encourage people to submit their work in Portlets/Portal world but none really took off. More recently Liferay, a leading opensource Portal, started with “portal themes” contest which ended last month end. The idea was to build the graphic user interface “skins” which helps developers to change the look and feel of the portal without actually changing any code. There are around 20+ themes that can be downloaded from Liferay site. (more…)

Ajax Implementation – An Example

Thursday, January 19th, 2006

In my earlier post, “Are we ready to adopt Ajax to improve usability?“, I highlighted that best bet for the existing sites is to start small may be including an ajax based components or use ajax to validate form fields etc. Here is one of the example. (more…)

Google’s Personalized Homepage on Mobile

Sunday, January 15th, 2006

Google recently launched personalized homepage service for Mobile handsets after its success for desktops. This was announced soon after google made its mark in telecom industry by alliance with Motorola and being the default search engine with Opera Mini browser. The mobile homepage like for PC, will provide personalized information on one page with options to access Gmail, local weather and handpicked RSS feeds.

So what next in the line —> Is it Google in IPTV !!!!!!

Are we ready to adopt Ajax to improve usability?

Sunday, January 15th, 2006

There has been lot of talks about Ajax and usability with Ajax all set to change the user experience all over the Web. Nothing comes for free, if it has various advantages there are several disadvantages along with it. Advantages are pretty well known but lets look at the various disadvantages in terms of usability:

  • One of the major complaint against Ajax is that it break the expected behavior of the browsers back button. Users are generally used to returning to last static page by use of this button but it might not be the case with Ajax implementation.


OpenCms – Different Environments

Wednesday, January 11th, 2006

Recently I was involved in one of the OpenCms implementations. My initial thought about the product was that it is not in match with some of the other products in market but after exploring a while I realized its potential and extensibility. In one of the recent post “From Vignette to OpenCms“, Apoorv pointed out its inability to have separate environments like staging and production. I truly agree with it. Here is one of the possible solution to over come it. (more…)

Google on Motorola handsets

Saturday, January 7th, 2006

Days after Google announced to be default search engine with Opera Mini, Google has announced its alliance with Motorola handsets to enable easy access to search engine. Motorola will integrate a Google icon onto select devices so that users can connect directly to Google anytime, anywhere at the click of a button. These mass-market, Internet-optimized handsets will be distributed from early 2006 to select Motorola customers worldwide.

Google’s Mobile Search

Thursday, January 5th, 2006

Google, after proving on the Search front in Internet domain is all set to become default search engine on mobile phones. Google Inc.’s search features will be included within the Opera Mini as a default search engine, a new browser for cell phones due to launch this month. It will help Google gain more traction with wireless Web users.

Lets wait and watch how Google does on this front.

Welcome 2006

Thursday, January 5th, 2006

Year 2005 had been a happening year in Portals and Content Management domain.

Google emerging and standing out from rest of the world growing many folds and exploring in different domains. We saw products like Google Talk, Google Desktop and side bar, Google earth etc. It has really picked up itself from now just being a search player but growing in portal space.

AJAX buzz word that took the world by storm, though its not something new in the market. Google has been pioneer in this as well with the products like Google mail and Google home customization. There have been lot of talk about security aspect and drawbacks but AJAX has come a long way.

Blogging is another area that really gained popularity across the world. There has been many more blogging sites then previous times. Its becoming more of a habit for people to blog and put forth the ideas.

This year there has been a tremendous growth in area of Usability. This has always been on chart for a pretty long time but this year saw a drastic change in the approach towards it.

Year also marked with lots of mergers with companies like Oracle , BEA , IBM etc buying the emerging smaller players which might emerge as a potential threat in future. These merger did lead to lot of overlapping with their existing products. So lets wait and see how these mergers really help companies. Example: IBM acquiring BowStreet though it has RAD which is on the lines of Bowstreet.

Open source products also proving their point with Liferay, OpenCms, Alfresco standing out in front. Also bigger players are moving towards open source trend like Websphere Application server with community edition etc.

Collaboration is another buzz word for the year where many products aimed to become a “whole” product. For example, Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g, has Instant Messaging, Content Services and Workspaces for collaboration. Also Web Clippings/URL scraper has gained popularity for faster and better intergration.

Portlet world has seen a lot of stretch on standards with JSR 168 being incorporated by most of the vendors moving out from proprietors stuff. Also JSR 286 has been submitted which will align portlets specification with J2EE 1.4 . JSR 170 Content Repository has laid standards for content repository access.

Indian markets are making tremendous progress with government itself promoting portals market. Nabh’s String Bean 3.0 is another example in that direction. Many financing institutions like IDBI have already launched portals.