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Catchup with Open Ajax Project

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

Open Ajax Project or better known as Open Ajax Alliance has added many more members to their alliance. The biggest name to add to the list is Microsoft. This makes a total count of 73 members working towards Ajax Globalization.

Alliance has come up with the term called “OpenAjax Conformance” which defines a set of conformance requirements on Ajax technologies, products and applications to promote Ajax interoperability.
An Ajax library will be with Open Ajax Conformance only when:

1) Supports OpenAjax Hub Specifications (OpenSource project)
2) Javascript objects with OpenAjax Registry
3) Support best practices defined within Open Ajax Conformance

These developments clearly indicates where the http domain moving on. This is also one of the talking points with Web 2.0 :)

Google’s RSS Decoration

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

Google recently launched dynamic themes for its personalized home page. The themes are dynamic and change according to local weather and time of day.

Though the themes are pretty basic in nature, but the idea looks pretty powerful. The theme is actually an XML file which list down a number of CSS files based on weather condition. This CSS framework might open up opportunities for users to add their own themes. Thus increasing theme base will just be matter of time.

Is this another move of Google towards Web 2.0?