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Translations – Web 2.0 Extn? Or Web 3.0?

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

There is lot of talk about Web 2.0 all around with focus on making web as a platform, enhanced user experience etc. with DATA as the primary focus area. But one thing that is still missing in Web 2.0 is about translations – from one language to other. There is lot of data in different languages which might be useful for me, but due to language constraint I am not able to really utilize that. Google is making head-ups in this area as well where they recently added new languages to their blogger including Hindi. They also came up with the concept of file a search in one language and you specify the results language. I am sure soon Google’s blogger will give option where you type post in one language and it will give you option to translate post in other languages using automatic translators and your post will appear in different languages to different people based on their Geography settings. Is this going to be Web 3.0?
How CMS will adopt this?

Google Gears: Missing Open Source Community?

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Few days back I wrote about making web applications offline, well Google again are way ahead of the crowd and they already came up with the same called Google Gears. It is an open source web browser extension that enables web applications to provide functionality while user is offline. Google basically talks about 3 main layers to achieve this

LocalServer – which caches and serves application resources like HTML, JS,CSS, images etc locally on the clients machine

Database – which provides browser-local relational data storage on user’s computer with domain based security

WorkerPool – which pools asynchronously in the background to contact online application

A pretty cool Beta release with few samples and open APIs. But I am really sad that Google Gear installer doesn’t work for people who are behind proxy. I even posted in the Google Gear group but can’t see any response. There are presently around 227 topics floating in that group and almost 55-60 of the topics are around installation problem ( search for install, installation, 80040800 etc.)

Most of developers are behind company proxy’s and due to such issues people are loosing interest even when its an interesting development. Well for open source, community is the main source for information,ideas etc. and Google is lagging in that.

JAX India 2007: Day 4: SOA and ESB for Enterprise Architecture

Friday, June 1st, 2007

The day 4 was a surprise for me, as the number of attendees reduced many
folds. Well I went to attend the session “Leveraging SOA and ESB for
an Enterprisse Architecture – Bryan Cheung
“. Looks like Bryan is a
big fan of coffee specially from Startbucks and he all the way of his
presentation used Startbucks as the example. He basically used the topic well
to showcase Liferay’s capabilities and even coined a new term called SOL
(Service Oriented Liferay) :). According to him, from SOA point of view
there are 3 important things with respect to service offered:

Specialization  –  Specialized in Coffee. Need not worry what is
happening inside to make worth coffee cup

Interface – Always the same interface, ask for a coffee at counter, pay the
amount and get the coffee

Reliability – Whether in US, Europe, India the taste is the same

And Liferay too does in the similar fashion, same services with almost any
Operating System, Application server and database combination.

Few other sessions are covered by Binil on his blog post JAX India 2007:
Day 4 report

Well in all JAX India, though looked promising with the
Buzzy catchy title, the overall feeling was that it didn’t meet what
was expected out if it. I was really surprised at the Oracle counter,
where I asked info about their new Web Center suite and the answer I got back
is to fill a feedback form and get the CDs which has all the information.
If that is the case, I am better of searching over Internet :)

Also, in terms of arrangement, there was a lot of confusion about which
session happening in which Hall. It was a complete mess and people were just
running around to catch up with the sessions. I was in Hall B for a session
and the next which I wanted to attend was in Hall A. So after session I sent
to Hall A to get a surprise that the session I want to attend has been shifted
to Hall B. The time I reached there, all the seats were full and there was
hardly any space to stand. A better organization is required.

Anyways Thanks SDA India for hosting such event and looking forward to a
better organized and more targeted sessions next time. A Big thanks to all the
speakers who cam all the way to share their experience and knowledge.

More reading at  Hits and Misses: JAX India 2007

JAX India 2007: Day 3

Friday, June 1st, 2007

The first two days really made me think if it is worth to travel all the way to Tata institute to attend sessions. Well I did not make it that day to JAX India 2007 but here are updates from Amit Agarwalla from Day 3. Happy Reading !!!!