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WWCM Site Structure Caching Design Pattern for API usage

Monday, October 26th, 2009

With Workplace Web Content Management (WWCM) API , the performance had been not as expected. To give a scenario, following are the implementation steps for retrieving a piece of information:

  • Retrieve user’s workspace
  • Get Authoring Template Id
  • Retrieve Site Area Id
  • Content Search based on Authoring Template, Site Area
  • GetIds of all the content list retrieved from Content Search
  • Retrieve Content based on specific requirement from the Content Search result
  • Return back the content item

The average amount of time taken is between 0.4 to 0.6 seconds. Out of which % of time taken for retrieving Document Ids for Authoring Template and Site Area forms 50 % of the time to retrieve information. So, if a portlet/page has 6 calls for content, the total time for just WCM is between 2.4 to 3.6 seconds which doesn’t meet SLAs for a page load. This basically lead to defining WWCM Site Structure caching design pattern.


Blog Migration to different domain

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Migration projects are always challenging due to their uniqueness and my blog migration was no different. To add to the complexity was the change in domain from to Here are the steps which needs to be  followed:

  1. Installed WordPress v 2.1 which I was using on
  2. Migrated pcmspace Database making minor changes to the domain/user details
  3. Update install path to map domain path
  4. Check point 1: Unit test the migration
  5. Upgrade WordPress to V 2.8.2
  6. Run migration tasks
  7. Check point 2: Unit test the migration again

Its important to come up with the right migration strategy else you can invest lots of time. For example: in migrating my above blog, I started with installing the latest version of WordPress and tried all sorts of options – just moving content and not database schema, running sqls etc. But in the end, it was too much of work and it doesn’t provide the feeling of doing right.

I have not fully finished the migration, as I need to point my old domain to new. Also changes to my install path means, I need to play around with some of the urls that are not working on the website. I hope I can complete that fast and can be back in blogging  world :)