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Not so good features of IBM’s WWCM 6.0.x

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

There are lots of information available around features available with IBM’s WWCM.  What I have tried is to highlight are not so good features of WWCM. This list is based on my experience and will be looking  forward to hear from WWCM experts: 

  • Versioning:
    • No control of number of versions to be maintained at content type level. It’s all or none
    • No control over which content type needs versioning and which not. Its either all or none
    • No versioning at component (Image, Menu, Navigator etc.) level  
  • Syndication/ Content Publish:
    • All the syndicators will be either scheduled or none of them. You cannot choose few syndicators to be automated while leaving others as manual process
    • Once the content becomes live/published it is moved across from one to other environment. There is no way to control approval of the content for specific publisher/syndicator as with other products
    • Tough to debug the cause of failure of syndicator
    • If there are some failed items with syndicator, it is tough to determine which content items failed
    • Lack of customization
    • Syndication/Publish history view is not available  (more…)