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Which CMS is best suited for my requirements?

Monday, February 28th, 2011

This is one of the common question across various discussion forums, Groups websites:
Which CMS is best suited for my requirements? Along with/without few bulleted points around requirement

To me questions like these doesn’t really make sense and I will come to my theory behind it. So how you will react if you see such a query in forums? Answer them based on your experience or just ignore them?

Here is snippet from one such question on a popular site (question modified):

Question: Corporate website: Which Web Content Management System is best suited?

Here are some responses:

DRUPAL…in caps..bold..italics whatever, have worked on both Joomla and Drupal, found Drupal to be more interactive and powerful..

Another Response

Have a look on Liferay Portal and CMS server

And another

My company works with Plone and it is mature, entreprise grade, has a large feature set, is highly flexible ….

And another

I can only recommend Sitecore. It is by far the best CMS product on the market.


.. evaluating top 6 products from the Gartner list – Sitecore is the way to proceed.


ocPortal is open source, comes without any licencing costs, is built to meet the highest accessibility standards

and so on ……….

There were around 40+ responses to this question, which is a whole lot.
Out of them, half of the responses were around promoting a product. From the remaining half, two thirds again were from people who either are part of a service company and trying to promote their services or from people who have worked on one-two products are trying to define them as the best in the industry. There were some better responses in terms of asking to define the requirements in detail before choosing a product but that percentage was very low.

So, if I have posted this question, it will definitely lead me nowhere with the problem but adding more confusion to it. The answers will always be biased based on person’s profile. So, its time to wake up and rather than getting some discussion going lets try to aim for quality discussions generating quality social content.





What are your thoughts?

WCM Space: Where are we?

Friday, February 25th, 2011

The CMS space, especially WCM or WEM industry, has moved rather rapidly over last few years. With the dotcom boom followed by social media explosion and bogging space expansion, we can see CMS tool in some form or shape being present behind all these changes. That means that CMS tools has undergone rapid changes from being just managing content to managing business processes to social collaboration to campaign management and with the recent addition of mobile web and customer relationsship management.

Its good to see so much development in such a short period of time but I think this rapid change has created gaps in getting the basics right. To name a few:

  • Lots of talk over internet around What is WCM or WEM? If you ask me what is WCM, I will struggle to answer that as the WCM space is changing everytime and we have lost what is the core for a WCM product.
  • Still struggling with the same issues in almost 90% of the projects even though we are moving at the speed of light. That means we are just innovating new ideas without really solving the everyday problems. There was a recent post on RealStory Group Copy-pasting from Word to hightlight the same.
  • Same information getting presented in different ways to express that we are still not solid at our base. Six Critical Ingredients for a Great Website
  • I think it is time that we get our basics right and define what is WCM? One way could be to divide the core functionalities using MoSCoW method:
    * M – MUST have this.
    * S – SHOULD have this if at all possible.
    * C – COULD have this if it does not affect anything else.
    * W – WON’T have this time but WOULD like in the future. Alternatively WANT.

    And on top of these the flashy features which are good to attract clients during presentations/demos but are not useful in everyday life.

    What are your thoughts?

Adobe WEM = CQ 5.4 + Adobe’s Online Marketing Suite => Mobile Web

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Adobe’s announcement around their WEM (Web Experience Management) Suite comprises of :

Adobe's WEM

Adobe's WEM. Source:

Looking at the above list, it could be one of the leaders in the area of WEM providing all the capabilities. I will cover details about each of the modules in my next post. But one important module which I wanted to highlight is CQ5 Mobile. Here is some description about CQ5 Mobile from Adobe’s site:

It is increasingly important that websites offer specific “views” for mobile devices, where these “views” typically are separate sites that share some content with the “normal” website. CQ assists you in creating mobile websites: when authoring a mobile page, the page is displayed in a way that emulates the mobile device, called an emulator. When authoring the page, you can switch between several emulators to get a real view of what the end-user will see when accessing the page.

In the out-of-the-box version, devices have been grouped into three categories – feature, smart and touch – according to the capabilities of the devices to render a page . CQ allows to create new device groups. When the end-user accesses a mobile page, CQ detects the device and sends the representation that corresponds to its device group.

CQ enables you to create a mobile site based on an existing standard site. It can be simply achieved by creating a livecopy of the standard site.

This defintely links back to my previous post :Content Delivery over Mobile: Mobile Apps Vs Mobile Web? this definitely a step towards mobile web over mobile applications for future trends.

Content Delivery over Mobile: Mobile Apps Vs Mobile Web?

Monday, February 21st, 2011

In the recent times there has been lots of talk around where the mobile delivery is going? Are we heading towards more and more of Mobile Apps or is native browser going to win in the end?

There is really some good information and comparison available on following sites:

Here are my two cents. I think there is no clear direction around where we are heading: Mobile Apps or Mobile web. And I do not think there is going to be one definite direction but both will continue to stay. But as organizations, I feel that there’s absolute need to evaluate the ROI when going down the Mobile Apps way. Working through various organizations in past years, I have seen cases where organization wants to have a mobile app without putting much thought behind what’s and why’s.

There are lots and lots of mobile applications available in market and from my experience most of the applications are used few times before user switches to other. So, looking at the lifecycle for a mobile application vs its investment, there is not much justification to build them as there a whole set of investment required for hosting and upgrading the application on regular basis.

Quality Content

Friday, February 18th, 2011

There was a sudden burst of content over internet in last few years where every other person tried to host their website/ blogs and contributed content over internet. This has lead to lot of duplication of content with the quality of content going downstream.

Internet 2009 in numbers

Websites in 2009

Internet in 2009

Internet 2010 in numbers
Internet in 2010

Internet in 2010


Internet is all about content and everything revolves around it whether it is Search, websites etc. Over the last year or so there is more awareness in terms of content quality over quantity. In my recent assignments over an year, I have seen a trend where companies are putting lots of effort in defining the quality content, including their meta information. Some of the typical scenario’s are engaging with creative agencies/ technical copy writiers/ Content guru’s to help define the right content. This has many fold advantages including, better ranking with search engines, readers satisfaction, better bounding with readers which encourage them to return to the site and so on.

So, why not drive our blogs/ sites towards quality content as internet has lots of content and really needs quality around it.

Are we getting more predictable?

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

In recent times there is a lot of spectulation around personalized and targetted content, whether we talk about Search or websites. There is lots of data gathering which happens when we are on internet and that helps to provide the content you are interested in.
And as always Google is pretty good in this area. Recently, Google added a new dimension to this by providing Oscar Search Trends ( which provide in-depth summary of the search trends for the last Oscars and a way to predict the Oscar winners for this year.

From Google Blog:

“John Batelle once described search trends as “a massive database of desires, needs, wants and likes.” Looking at Insights for Search data, we were intrigued to find that this “database of intentions” shows consistent search patterns among Best Picture winners for the last three years. Each year, the winning film has shown an upward trend in search volume for at least four weeks, as well as highest regional interest from New York (The Hurt Locker, Slumdog Millionaire and No Country for Old Men).”

I can see such kind of apps getting more and more popular in the recent times to come. What the masses think?