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assetload name=Fatwire to assetsave name=Oracle

Friday, July 15th, 2011

In the recent move by Oracle to acquire Fatwire has kept people guessing around Fatwire’s future. It is interesting to see how some people favour the deal while others thinks an end of another product . Some of the interesting readings are:

Here are my thoughts based on various Fatwire modules, though it comes a little late in the day :):

Content Server: Content Server is the heart of Fatwire product suite. Content Server provides content creation, management and delivery platform, providing basic and flex asset models to design content types. Basic, in a simple term is a row in database table while Flex is managed across various tables, thus providing complexity as well as flexibility. I think the core CS will remain though we need to look out which development and improvement model Oracle adopts: basic (rigid) or flexible. One area to watch out for cs is its integration with Oracle’s Enterprise search engine.

Engage: provides personalization and merchandising features, enabling organizations to gather information about site visitors and customers, evaluate it and provide personalized promotions, offerings. Could Fatwire’s Engage will engage Oracle not to use Oracle CRM on demand? My guess is that we will see more of rules and promotional offerings being evaluated through Oracle CRM on demand with Engage becoming more of gathering engine.

Community Server: Community server is the social offering from Fatwire which includes setting up Blogs, commenting and rating system. This is the biggest area of threat as Oracle already have social collaboration platform in the form of WebCentre. And as I understand, Oracle always wanted to push WebCentre and likely scenario could be tight integration with Webcentre which will become the social collaboration platform for Oracle’s WEM.

Gadget Server: Fatwire’s Gadget server helps organizations to expand their capabilities for delivering a personalized, interactive, web 2.0-style online experience to engage customers, partners and prospects. Not sure what’s going to happen with it. But I think Oracle will try to do everything around web 2.0 through WebCentre.

Content Integration Platform: Offers powerful capabilities for accessing content of all types from EMC Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint, and Windows and Unix file systems, for fast and efficient publishing online. EMC bit will be cut off with Oracle plugging in UCM to manage documents and we can see more of integration modules evolving in the long run.

Satellite Server: Remote caching engine which brings site near to users. Do not see much change happening with it as it complements core content server.

Content Optimizer: Is the measuring tool which helps business users and marketers to measure the effectiveness of online content and campaigns. FatWire Content Optimizer works with FatWire Content Server and FatWire Engage to enable real-time tracking and optimization. It will be interesting to see if Oracle’s Content Analysis tool : Oracle Hyperion Web analytics gradually gets pulgged in Fatwire.

Digital Asset Management: Digital Asset Management (DAM) Solution is provided by EMC Documentum to manage DAM assets. With Oracle, we can see DAM solution integration with UCM and Fatwire-EMC solution and will gradually die off.