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WCM solution for financial institutes

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

WCM is a software system which helps organisations to create, manage and publish web content to their websites. WCM opens door for organisations to effectively manage their online presence. There are large number of pure WCM vendors in java and .net domain which provides number of attractive sales features though, in reality, most of them are not used during implementation.

financial institutes

financial institutes

WCM products fit in most of the institutions but its always tough to use any product with financial institutes. And these are the main reasons I think:

  • There is always extra layer of security applied within financial institutes which not always fits well with most of the products security models
  • Each financial institute has rigid auditing requirements of capturing each of the activity that happens within WCM. And to my knowledge, I do not think any WCM really supports required granual level for auditing
  • As part of audit requirement, there is always need to generate how the site looked on a certain past date and if we add personalisation angle, it will make all the more

Based on my experience, deploying any WCM product within a financial institutute leads to lot of customisations within the core product functionality. And that is always scary because it raise lot of questions around the credibility of the product and its selection process. Also, managability and upgrade of such system is a nightmare.

Even though it is time and money to develop an in-house CMS system, but I think in long run it pays off and the system could be easily designed to meet the above requirements.