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Which CMS is best suited for my requirements?

Monday, February 28th, 2011

This is one of the common question across various discussion forums, Groups websites:
Which CMS is best suited for my requirements? Along with/without few bulleted points around requirement

To me questions like these doesn’t really make sense and I will come to my theory behind it. So how you will react if you see such a query in forums? Answer them based on your experience or just ignore them?

Here is snippet from one such question on a popular site (question modified):

Question: Corporate website: Which Web Content Management System is best suited?

Here are some responses:

DRUPAL…in caps..bold..italics whatever, have worked on both Joomla and Drupal, found Drupal to be more interactive and powerful..

Another Response

Have a look on Liferay Portal and CMS server

And another

My company works with Plone and it is mature, entreprise grade, has a large feature set, is highly flexible ….

And another

I can only recommend Sitecore. It is by far the best CMS product on the market.


.. evaluating top 6 products from the Gartner list – Sitecore is the way to proceed.


ocPortal is open source, comes without any licencing costs, is built to meet the highest accessibility standards

and so on ……….

There were around 40+ responses to this question, which is a whole lot.
Out of them, half of the responses were around promoting a product. From the remaining half, two thirds again were from people who either are part of a service company and trying to promote their services or from people who have worked on one-two products are trying to define them as the best in the industry. There were some better responses in terms of asking to define the requirements in detail before choosing a product but that percentage was very low.

So, if I have posted this question, it will definitely lead me nowhere with the problem but adding more confusion to it. The answers will always be biased based on person’s profile. So, its time to wake up and rather than getting some discussion going lets try to aim for quality discussions generating quality social content.





What are your thoughts?

Quality Content

Friday, February 18th, 2011

There was a sudden burst of content over internet in last few years where every other person tried to host their website/ blogs and contributed content over internet. This has lead to lot of duplication of content with the quality of content going downstream.

Internet 2009 in numbers

Websites in 2009

Internet in 2009

Internet 2010 in numbers
Internet in 2010

Internet in 2010


Internet is all about content and everything revolves around it whether it is Search, websites etc. Over the last year or so there is more awareness in terms of content quality over quantity. In my recent assignments over an year, I have seen a trend where companies are putting lots of effort in defining the quality content, including their meta information. Some of the typical scenario’s are engaging with creative agencies/ technical copy writiers/ Content guru’s to help define the right content. This has many fold advantages including, better ranking with search engines, readers satisfaction, better bounding with readers which encourage them to return to the site and so on.

So, why not drive our blogs/ sites towards quality content as internet has lots of content and really needs quality around it.

Google Ajax Search for Bloggers

Friday, July 13th, 2007

Google has added new dimension to blog search: “Search your blog world”. The
new blogger search, which is in the draft stage, uses Google Ajax Search
powered by Linked Custom Search Engine. It searches your own blogs
content as well as anything you have linked to in your blog posts, including
link lists and blogrolls. The search results follows the CSS rules of the blog

This search widget can be configured in your blog’s Template | Page Elements
tab, in the “Add a Page Element” popup.