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Not so good features of IBM’s WWCM 6.0.x

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

There are lots of information available around features available with IBM’s WWCM.  What I have tried is to highlight are not so good features of WWCM. This list is based on my experience and will be looking  forward to hear from WWCM experts: 

  • Versioning:
    • No control of number of versions to be maintained at content type level. It’s all or none
    • No control over which content type needs versioning and which not. Its either all or none
    • No versioning at component (Image, Menu, Navigator etc.) level  
  • Syndication/ Content Publish:
    • All the syndicators will be either scheduled or none of them. You cannot choose few syndicators to be automated while leaving others as manual process
    • Once the content becomes live/published it is moved across from one to other environment. There is no way to control approval of the content for specific publisher/syndicator as with other products
    • Tough to debug the cause of failure of syndicator
    • If there are some failed items with syndicator, it is tough to determine which content items failed
    • Lack of customization
    • Syndication/Publish history view is not available  (more…)

Quick guide to WWCM migration from to 6.1.02

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Scenario: WWCM migration from V6.0.1.3 to WWCM  We have a current install of WWCM where all the content reside and is available to end users. We have setup WWCM and the scenario is to migrate just WCM content across from older to newer version.Here is a quick guide to the steps we followed:

  • Setup desktop implementation of WWCM and Portal (, using DB2 and connecting to shared LDAP. Lets refer this setup as “WS6013”
  • Make sure that JCR schema is separated as a database instance
  • Setup syndication from source (Environment to pick content from) to WS6013
  • In parallel, setup desktop implementation of WWCM and Portal ( on SAME MACHINE, using DB2 and connecting to shared LDAP. Lets refer this setup as “WS6102”