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140 characters communication, the next big thing?

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Social media has been continuously changing the way we communicate, especially the 140 characters syndrome. For those who are wondering what that is, it’s our own Twitter. Why it is restricted to 140 characters only? Here is a snippet from Twitter FAQ:

140 Characters

140 Characters

We like to keep it short and sweet! It also just so happens that 140 characters is the perfect length for sending status updates via text message. The standard text message length in most places is 160 characters per message. We reserve 20 characters for people’s names, and the other 140 are all yours!

Recently, the 140 bug has hit China’s most popular microblogging service, Sina Weibo. China’s highly competitive job search happens through micro blogging where Chinese job seekers, both new and experienced, have to summerize their work history in 140 characters or less againsta job post on the site… Wondering if I can really do that :).

There are conferences which happens around 140 characters. One of them being 140 Characters Conference which provide a platform for the worldwide twitter community to: listen, connect, share and engage with each other, while collectively exploring the effects of the emerging real-time internet on business.

140 characters are opening new doors to the way we communicate. 140 characters is making the Communication more crisp and to the point with creation of new acronyms every time to communicate. These acronyms are becoming part of our every day talk. Newer generations entering the workforce will seek these types of communication mediums than traditional way. The communication tradition is moving from

mail ============> email ====================> 140 characters

Some other interesting area’s I came across:

140 characters is currently a new container for ideas. I could imagine this effect to expode in various forms and shapes soon.

Mantra to exploit Social Media/networking

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Social media has been in market for sometime but it has really picked up in recent times. The reason for such out burst is people’s awareness to exploit social networking/ media to their benefits.

There is a saying that setting up anything is really easy but maintaining it over a period of time and sustaining it is really tough.

And the same applies for social media/ networking side. Many companies started positively in the social space by simply getting the word out about the company through social media, hoping it will build brand awareness. But is that enought?

Well that is not just enough. The real trick is to build a loyal and consistent followers on social media sites by keeping them interested and engaged and providing constant feed in which they are interested in. If you are able to bind a loyal user group than you can very well leave it to the very group to spread your content across various media channel and bringing more and more within the valuable group.

social networking

social networking

Its all around constant and consistent flow of information and which ever company understand the mantra are able to exploit social media to their benefits than others. It is really important in today’s organizations that a dedicated team needs to be identified who constantly keep the flow of information, keeping themselves motivated, to explore the endless opportunities which social media can
bring on. The group should be on constant hunt to engage more and more people and utilize them for spreading the world: initiate discussions, blog posts, fun activities, like’s, plus 1 etc.

social networking sites

social networking sites

Which CMS is best suited for my requirements?

Monday, February 28th, 2011

This is one of the common question across various discussion forums, Groups websites:
Which CMS is best suited for my requirements? Along with/without few bulleted points around requirement

To me questions like these doesn’t really make sense and I will come to my theory behind it. So how you will react if you see such a query in forums? Answer them based on your experience or just ignore them?

Here is snippet from one such question on a popular site (question modified):

Question: Corporate website: Which Web Content Management System is best suited?

Here are some responses:

DRUPAL…in caps..bold..italics whatever, have worked on both Joomla and Drupal, found Drupal to be more interactive and powerful..

Another Response

Have a look on Liferay Portal and CMS server

And another

My company works with Plone and it is mature, entreprise grade, has a large feature set, is highly flexible ….

And another

I can only recommend Sitecore. It is by far the best CMS product on the market.


.. evaluating top 6 products from the Gartner list – Sitecore is the way to proceed.


ocPortal is open source, comes without any licencing costs, is built to meet the highest accessibility standards

and so on ……….

There were around 40+ responses to this question, which is a whole lot.
Out of them, half of the responses were around promoting a product. From the remaining half, two thirds again were from people who either are part of a service company and trying to promote their services or from people who have worked on one-two products are trying to define them as the best in the industry. There were some better responses in terms of asking to define the requirements in detail before choosing a product but that percentage was very low.

So, if I have posted this question, it will definitely lead me nowhere with the problem but adding more confusion to it. The answers will always be biased based on person’s profile. So, its time to wake up and rather than getting some discussion going lets try to aim for quality discussions generating quality social content.





What are your thoughts?